greetings from the west coast.

just arrived in san francisco where it is beautiful and sunny, kind of a relief after the giant corner puddles of slush post-ten inches of snow in new york city, the city that completely wipes me out socially these days, so not used to being a tourist there! highlights included:
1 seeing the magnetic fields first shows (apart from massachusetts) in ages — I was there friday and saturday at town hall. there were quite different sets for both nights, which was a big treat. the whole thing was a big treat considering I feel like I hadn’t heard anything apart from 69 love songs in years. I was in heaven hearing them do “take ecstasy with me,” “all dressed up in dreams,” “as you turn to go,” “when I’m out of town,” “smoke and mirrors,” and so many more. also supremely entertaining were some tracks from the new album, especially “too drunk to dream” and “courtesans.” I have to confess a lot of it has really grown on me! and I look forward to seeing how “california girls” goes down in cali, where TMFs are performing this week and next.
2 running into hamish kilgour and then robert forster at other music on a very snowy morning. it’s what makes new york so great. people should mark the calendar — forster has a fantastic new solo LP coming out on yep-roc records in april. if you don’t know his first one, danger in the past, well, you should (and you probably do if you’re reading these silly posts).
3 my friends. food at angelica kitchen, the most comforting place ever, although it would be nice if they could lighten up a little and seat me when I get there since I’ve been funding the place since the early days! yes, I would like a VIP plaque and a special table please!
4 snow. in brooklyn, mostly, where you can admire it without stepping into the slushy puddles.
5 watching the oscars with dawn and josh, my hospitable hosts. really good to see the guy from the movie once win even if I wasn’t crazy about the film. and marion cotillard — she totally deserved it.
now hoping to see some noise-pop silliness but I guess I will miss the m ward + zooey deschanel show on saturday. I will be happy if I get to see quasi. more soon.

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  1. you ran into Robert Forster at Other Music? oh, my! what did he say??? 😉 what was he doing in NYC, promoting his new album? have you heard it yet? I’m SO looking forward to it..if only Grant were still there to sing on it.

  2. yes, he is a very nice man. he was in town promoting his new album, which I have heard and it’s excellent. he’s a very modest man too. I told him to come back soon and tour the usa!

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