greetings from london.

stunning flier by pam berry for craft ho/chin chin.

apologies for the lack of posts. again, I am on the road and find it more difficult to find the time and energy to post things! I came over here to see my friends and family and do a couple important things. the weather has mostly been cold and blustery but it’s been great. highlights so far:
1 the show. pam berry set up a wonderful, intimate (and highly successful and free and therefore very crowded) event at positively fourth street bar on march 28. for me it was heaven as three of my top buddies’ acts performed: the pines played their first proper gig since late 2003 and it was heavenly. they did some of my top faves, such as “mgm,” “anita o’day” and “marie claire.” earlier that night were some stellar sets from jessica and peter from the would-be-goods, who sounded fab and covered a monochrome set number, and the london debut of amor de dias, who sounded beautiful and superquiet and made us anxious to hear more stuff from them. the upstairs was so crowded and noisy, you really had to lean in to hear the show at all. also sounding awesome were the first division, the new act from joe pines and tim visitors, and greg webster, famous indie star. it was an endurance test to remain standing all night in the heated little room that smelled of fried gyoza, but I am very glad to have been there indeed.
2 seeing the fine george cukor classic the women at the NFT (sorry, but I have no intention of ever referring to it as “bfi southbank”). I have seen it umpteen times and even own a VHS copy, but it was fun to see it on a big screen with a big audience. after I left I even painted my fingernails in the shade “jungle red.” rosalind russell is my idol. if only I could spew witty repartee with such speed and precision!
3 dancing to pipas and kraftwerk and “faster jessica” and various other indie pop and other music with the wee berry jones girls, ava and lulu, who are the coolest girls in london without a doubt.
4 marathon viewing with lauren and the furry duo, domali with pam, travis and emily’s house party in stoke newington, watching bad movies with lupester, walking in highgate.
5 dining with paul and debs in their tower block with crazy beautiful views of london — I felt like I stepped inside the finisterre film! and they are the hosts with the most — I even got to view some incredible dolly mixture memorabilia. looking forward to the reissues!
ah, but it’s not over yet. one more day in the dirty old town. better not waste any time.