grant mclennan.

robert vickers, famous bass player of the go-betweens and many other bands, tells me that today is grant mclennan’s birthday. a few people are holding court in new york city, in a bar in the east village, to have a few long island iced teas (gw’s fave libation apparently) and play some of his fine pop music on the jukebox. it’s still shocking that he’s gone; I met him a few times but didn’t really know him that well, but the go-betweens and their solo work is among my most treasured pop songs.
read more about them here or watch or read below:
1. the go-betweens’ “spring rain”
2. grant mclennan “fingers”
3. robert forster “baby stones”
4. nick cave and grant interview each other.
5. robert forster writes about grant mclennan.

photograph: bleddyn butcher