gossip girl fashions.

it’s funny, but the one time I ran into beth ditto in london (apart from seeing the gossip at the spitz once), was at one of the H&M stores on oxford street. now you have to be a certain type of celeb in the uk to get your own high-street fashion line: lily allen. kate moss. and now beth ditto, the singer from the gossip, will soon launch her own fashion line for plus-size shop evans, and if that’s not enough, here’s a beth ditto doll. now that she’s palsy-walsy with karl lagerfeld and kate moss, even vogue is on the gossip coverage wagon. our pal carrie blogstein also recently wrote on her monitor mix about the super-size ditto and the silly coverage in the british press she gets. we’re looking forward to hearing the new album and wondering if they can bring some of that star power to the usa.