farewell dear london.

lauren and travis, two of my top buddies in london, at the au revoir gail impromptu chickfactor gig and party, positively 4th street, london, august 26, 2007.

photograph: pam berry

4 Replies to “farewell dear london.”

  1. Indeed it was. You are sorely missed on this side of the pond.

    A la Ray, as it were

    Since you’ve been gone, end of the season
    Winter is here, close of play
    I get no kicks walking down saville row
    Theres no more chicks left where the green grass grows and I know that
    Winter is here, end of the season
    My reasons gone, close of play
    I just can’t mix in all the clubs I know
    Now labours in, I have no place to go

    You’re on a yacht near Long Island (okay slight amendment there)
    Though you are hot, forget us not


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