everybody in england looks like sandy denny…

like any indie nerd fan, I have fantasies of being a pop star, and I even formed a band with indie it girl lupe nunez-fernandez and our pal trevor dinmore once called (joke name only) dork bogarde. we wrote and recorded four songs in one night and pretty much never did anything ever again as a group. our songs were called “wagamama,” “freedom fries,” “country squire” (this one could have been our epic hit I believe) and “sandy denny,” who inspired us in the summer of 2003 a lot. we even read her biography, which is pretty good and another reminder that joe boyd is the only person alive who remembers the 1960s. anyway, this article about the forthcoming batch of sandy denny-related music and programs reminded me of her.

2 Replies to “everybody in england looks like sandy denny…”

  1. It’s not true that everyone in England looks like Sandy Denny, or lives like her for that matter.

    She was a hard-living tough-livered lady!

    I’m not sure about the practice of writing songs whose titles are the names of people, though I have released at least one such number myself.

  2. actually it is true. I lived there for four years, and goddammit, I know it to be true. even you would, joe, if you grew out your moz-style pompadou.

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