end of the century.

I remember earlier this year I asked you guys if anyone knew what went into the old d.c. space space in d.c., where I saw black tambourine, the cannanes and many other fantastic bands. it was a starbucks, that’s what. yes, it is very sad. here is an article about what will be taking over the old cbgb space on the bowery. yes, you better believe it is sad, but I think it is important to note that cbgb had been kind of a joke in recent years and less of a relevant venue. it was all about nostalgia, and new generations creating their own fashion version of punk and hanging around outside. it was, let’s face it, just like saint marks place between second and third: if there were such a thing as the museum of punk rock, it was the gift shop. a place for shakira’s stylist to pick up a couple of tight girl-sized cbgb t-shirts. it was a tourist attraction. of course, this kind of nostalgia is unavoidable. I saw many great shows at cbgb, and used their revolting ladies loo when forced, though I usually went next door to what used to be cb’s pizza place. but the fact that some upscale fashion store is going into the old space just shows how the hood has changed. there used to be a hotel for ‘bums’ next door; now there is a whole foods the size of rhode island just steps away and a luxury hotel fifty feet up the block complete with red carpets and doormen in fancy suits. new york was always runneth over with the filthy rich, but for some reason it always felt like the east village, lower east side, alphabet city, etc. had room for the art students, the misfit toys, the cool kids, but no more. now manhattan feels like the jocks and cheerleaders and sorority girls from the hamptons own it and they are all living out their own version of the (gag) sex and the city lifestyle (or now perhaps gossip girl?). blech.

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  1. and now there’s a cbgb boutique on st marks place! i stopped by last time i was in town, just because i had to see what it was like. it was like exactly what you’d expect.

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