durham indie nerds, unite!

wow, something going on in my adopted hometown, where I rarely am for very long at the moment (yes, as usual, apologies for the lack of posting but I’ve been on the road and I travel sans laptop, unlike the rest of you). the cannanes! I heard they were making the big trip to the usa this spring to do some recording, so it’s good they’re coming down to these parts. I’ve been away again (after the west coast and london) in d.c. for a job interview! we’ll see how that goes. and soon off again to beautiful new york city and boston to see various films, people, and things and interview some of them for the stephin merritt and the magnetic fields documentary. other things going on around here: sorry to have missed last night’s amor de dias show in london! listening to the new jennifer o’connor album, which is bee-yoo-tee-ful and coming out in august on matador, and writing something about the forthcoming dolly mixture and kid montana reissues! I didn’t make it to see obama last night in NC but various members of the o’hara clan were there and I am off to early-vote today — woo hoo! wish I had some news to report. I need a job. I need an apartment. I want to set up a big pop festival on the east coast in october. who is going to help me!?

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  1. look hermana, why don’t you come to the show here? it’s at mini-mcnew’s houses! no kidding. we can go to the med deli and eat some of that scallion hummous, sweet potato mash with walnuts in it, etc!

  2. i’ll check flights, is cheap right now i think. will bring my flannel shirts.

  3. It’s not true that everyone else travels with a computer. I rarely do.

    Good luck with your job in DC, Gail, I hope you get it! And good luck to Senator Obama too. He’ll need it, by November.

  4. Who’s releasing a Dolly Mixture reissue? I’ve been searching the web and I can’t find anything about it. If it happens this is excellent news.

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