do you hear what I hear?

ever since that my bloody valentine show back in 1992 (I could not even sleep that night because of the rumbling in my head!), I have been praying for a cure or at least some relief. perhaps there is hope, fellow tinnitus sufferers.

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  1. Geez, I was on the top level of The Ritz in NYC (for some reason, standing next to Tim of The Charlatans)watching MBV and they still were ear-bleedingly loud. I remember people just looking at each other when “You Made Me Realize” wouldn’t end. Despite that, it still wasn’t as loud as the Ultravivid Scene/Bob Mould double bill I saw.

    Good luck with the tinnitus. I must certainly have a dose as I notice a ringing when there is dead silence, like right before falling asleep.


  2. I was in front of a speaker in the front row, like a complete idiot. I think it was at the ritz. was pavement on the bill? who knows, who can remember. or maybe it was pavement and superchunk during cmj. my dad actually took me to get my ears tested once, and we were all surprised when the guy said my ears were in pretty good shape, but I still have ringing in my ears, so…

  3. i remember seeing that tour in Philadelphia, at the
    TLA (which they now want you to call “the fillmore at the TLA” or something ridickledock). The coda of their last song was 8 ear-splitting minutes long. I read somewhere shortly afterwards that they lengthened that part of the show each night, until it was about 20 minutes by the end of the tour. i also remember k. shields wearing his parka for the entire show. Impressive.

  4. Gail,

    I hope it is not affecting your ability to enjoy the new Magnetic Fields record at the volume it should be heard. lol


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