ditto ditto ditto.

what was I even doing on the nme website, you may wonder. I was hoping that they had some archive where I could look at top 50 singles charts from the 80s. (I am working on a project, don’t ask) but what I discovered, from the same old crap music rag that deemed the gossip’s beth ditto the coolest person in rock and put her on the cover nude, is that now it may only be a matter of time before she has her own clothing line at uk high street retailer new look (which is like a cheaper h&m, and which hired lily allen last year to do one). could just be rumours, but who knows what beth (who is apparently kate moss’s bff) will do next: her own vegan cheesecake? her own rainbow-bright eyeshadows? her own ditto brand throat-coat tea? ideas anyone?

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  1. yowza, a deathwish! for my moulah, you could do worse than having beth ditto create a high street fashion line. even if it doesn’t turn out to be stuff I’d wear myself, having a chunky but funky curvy gal in charge of a collection might convince high street shops of the financial worth of stocking clothes in real life sizes, for crying out loud.

  2. eh. sorry. that might a been harsh, but i really do hate the woman – for her comments on gay men in the fashion industry.
    i just think that ditto glamorizing her body-type is irresponsible, given her pull, lately. her, posing naked on that nme cover, is no different than a size 0 posing naked on the cover of nme. also, her photo, on the cover of nme, was photoshopped to bits. her head was shrunk, cellulite was airbrushed out, etcetera. she really did one there for the common woman.
    no. i really do wish she would just keel over. cunts like her are fucking up rock.

  3. you think she is fucking up rock because of her comments about gay men? I’m not a huge fan of the gossip (at least she isn’t a puppet imitating past singers like joss stone or something) but I can think of other rock females who seem more worthy of your bile. perhaps she doesn’t know enough about the fashion industry to comment — there is more to it than gay men. but I don’t see why you are so offended by her glamorizing her body type — only girls who are unhealthily thin are allowed to do that? her outspokenness is cool and I don’t have a problem with seeing women like her on the cover of a magazine (though I don’t quite understand what she hoped to achieve by appearing nude on the cover of the nme). a celebrity image is hard to manage, and I don’t think she has people telling her what to say the way some celebs do. I guess I would like to know what it is that makes you hate her so much, because it seems more than a bit harsh.

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