d.c. space reunion!

long ago in another lifetime I lived in DC, worked at the city paper (when it was in chinatown and then on 9th street), which is where I met pam berry and shawn belschwender and it was the best place ever to work. we used to hang out at d.c. space almost every day it seems, and I saw bands like the cannanes and black tambourine there. tom t, who this event is a benefit for, is an ace fella and DJ who I haven’t seen in decades but if you’re in the humid nation’s capital, I don’t know where else you’d want to be. millions of things started at d.c. space, and it never should have ended (but it had to, to make way for the inevitable gentrification that must occur in all our great cities). anyone know what stands at that corner today? please tell me it’s not a tgi fridays. I never thought I would see 9353 reunited on any band poster!

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