coraline the musical.

when I was thinking of auditioning to be the new simon cowell, I was thinking, who else do I know who could throw down the barbs on american idol? what about stephin merritt? damn, I would pay good money to see that! would america love him as much as they love-hate the orange-faced, white-toothed cowell? hard to say. stephin has a lot going on. many many projects. he’d be tempted by the cool millions, but if he took the job he wouldn’t be able to take on projects like coraline the musical. stephin’s always been a little bit goth, and the kids love him when he’s doing lemony snicket s/t stuff with the gothic arch(i)es. and there’s always been a neil gaiman connection, so no surprise there. we really should be there in new york on june 1 when the musical opens at the lucille lortel theater on christopher street but we shant be, we can’t be. click here for general merritt silliness and there for a silly article in vanity fair!