coming up: rose!

chickfactor was all about the speedy-jangly girlpop (heavenly! shop assistants! salem 66! etc!) when we started, but who knew the world was going to keep getting more girlpop supergroups? tiger trap were chickfactor cover girls on issue number four and the acest of the ace, no doubt about it. they had as many inter-band dramas as fleetwood mac, and could not remain together forever, but then we got the softies and go sailor and some other quality sounds out of the whole deal. so. anyway. we are super-duper-chuffed to bits to be informed of this fine london pop show happening in august at the pro-quiet show luminaire venue:
rose melberg (ex-tiger trap frontperson extraordinaire)
harvey williams! (come out of retirement for the second time this year!)
and the dreamers (action biker/mr wright collaboration)
get tickets here and I am sure we will see you there.