clientele on billboard charts!

in london no one cares about the clientele. I mean, that’s not really true. I do — I think they’re one of the finest acts in the old smoke. but you know how bands are never appreciated in their hometown? (well, not in the case of the legendary jim ruiz group or yo la tengo or superchunk, but often…) they just don’t get the respect and attention and gigantic appreciation they deserve. well, things are different in (probably spain and sweden and denmark and) the united states, where the band recently had an article written about them in billboard magazine because of recent CategoriesUncategorized

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  1. The failure of the uk to recognize the brilliance of the Clientele is very sad indeed.
    They are one of the best bands around, having written nothing but classics. They are to this decade what Felt were to the eighties and early nineties in my opinion (there is another band that never got the recognition they so clearly deserved).
    Radio, tv, journalists and pop fans alike should shout their name from the tallest buildings …
    They should show up the Arctic Monkeys, etc… for the bunch of losers they really are.

    BArt (Belgium)

  2. Saw the Clientele play to about 40 people in Newcastle last year, in a venue a bit larger than my front room….the lack of UK interest in this band is bizarre! Thank god the USA “get it” or I’m sure they would have given up by now.

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