chickfactor hearts portland.

okay. so I went to portland for a fortnight at the end of may and I asked around about jobs and stuff and just when it seemed I wasn’t going to be able to even get a job at whole foods, a few of my friends said that (home to some of our most treasured artist-designers such as nikki mcclure, tae won yu, stella marrs, etc.) might be looking for someone to help their ever-expanding online store and multifaceted business. I wrote ’em a letter! and voila, I have been hired by them and am moving to portland in august. I adore portland and the only thing holding me back from moving there before was its non-proximity to new york, london, washington, d.c. and the NC triangle — the places I must return to often these days. but I am excited to be moving somewhere with great coffee, vegan/vegetarian snacks, $3 movies, slow living, public transport, bike-friendliness, cool summers, a great music scene, my fab new employer and on and on and on. is on the verge of opening a retail store and gallery space in their north mississippi avenue warehouse, where they also have a large parking lot ripe for ace events like jumble sales, little gigs, flea market parties and craft fairs. anyway, on another note, the magnetic fields documentary is plugging along and *may be* close to being viewer ready — if anyone is friends with someone at sxsw film fest or sundance or another film fest programming office, do tell. see you portlanders in portland soon! (and you non-portlanders please do visit — we can sing karaoke and drink G&Ts at the alibi (pictured), the most perfectly signed tiki bar ever.