chickfactor endorses…

and so do the new yorker, the new york times, and every other publication with half a brain. just got back from working at the polls and have a very long 12 hours ahead of me. waiting!

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  1. also love that it was resounding defeat for mccain. not only wanted to see obama win, but, just as satisfyingly, to see mccain to LOSE. and lose he did, badly. ultimately, it’s a repudiation of the cowardice and ineptitude of bush.

    the republicans think people are stupid (and they’re kind of right and that belief has served them well heretofore)– so you saw a lot of hamfisted tactics: Joe The Plumber, Obama is a terrorist, Sarah Palin — but the there aren’t as many stupid people as they were counting on. They’re still there, but in fewer numbers.

    Anyway, feels like the Good Guys won, eh?

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