catskills fest 08.

last month I ran into my pal eric, who is not only a ship captain (he used to co-own the antique lightship the frying pan, and these days he is working on a tugboat) but has been tour manager for iggy, dinosaur jr, mercury rev and my bloody valentine, among others I’m sure. he was looking for someone to drive MBV’s gear across country later this year, and boy was I tempted. except for the fact that I’m still half-deaf from the time I saw them play in 1992, and what if there was nothing to do in all these towns they’re playing apart from watch the show! I’m too old, not rock and roll enough for the job (I am wondering if the band members are these days — anyone?). did I mention I hate summer too? ah well. eric also told me about the fabulous catskills atp that MBV are part curating starring such luminaries as (atp signature acts) mogwai and shellac and tortoise, low, lilys, mercury rev (natch), MBV, dino jr, yo la tengo and built to spill, all trying to out-volume each other. I would say I can’t wait, but as a jobless student I’m not sure I can scrape together nearly $400 for just a ticket. (unless someone wants to put me on the guest list?)