bonfires on the heath.

the photo here of the clientele (in their natural habitat: a crumbling and ancient drinking establishment) is from 2005 and it is not supposed to look like that. the normal version doesn’t have this psychedelic sheen but I figured, hey, it’s the clientele, at that old pub near chancery lane — what’s it called guys? anyway. it’s no secret that the clientele are one of our fave bands ever here at cf, ever since we discovered them in 1999. we’re really looking forward to their new album titled bonfires on the heath (read the merge blog here) and we’re also hoping that this is the one album that makes the whole united kingdom sit up and take notice that they have this awesomest of all bands living in their midst, instead of bleddy ignoring them and praising instead idjits like lady gaga, keane and other tedious musical fare.

photograph: gail o’hara, london, 2005