birthday girl.

happy birthday, pam berry! our top buddy, chickfactor co-founding editor, one of the founders of slumberland records, swoon-inducing singer of many, many bands (glo-worm, the pines, the shapiros, the castaway stones, black tambourine, belmondo, the seashell sea, bright coloured lights, fox inc., etc.), mother of two glamourous cry-pal tots, craft making genius extraordinaire and the master of the gift. pam has a gift for set design, vintage interior design and is a born home stylist waiting to happen, or perhaps a genius personal shopper for someone who loves divine antique finds and modern design as well (in case anyone wants to hire her!). she really should be running the world by now. she’s so modest and shy that she will demand I take this post down as soon as she sees it. pam, I raise a glass of diet coke to you my friend!

photograph: gail o’hara, madrid, 1997.