bank holiday monday.

stephen duffy has been jet-setting around the world with his boss (robbie williams) for the past couple of years (or was he robbie’s boss?) and we have missed him. hopefully we won’t have to go to the green man festival and sleep in a muddy field to see him this year (stephen, please play at our chickfactor party!). it has been like four years since his wonderful keep going LP was released and I still listen to it a ton. here are some lyrics from one of its top tunes and if you haven’t heard it, you should go and listen to it now. it is the perfect accompaniment to what is a typical summer bank holiday monday in london: torrential rains, freezing cold weather, ahhh, I love it:

Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Monday
You don’t have a lot to say
You’re waiting for payday
You can’t wait to get away
This boring town gets you down
There’s no one to come around

Why wait in for someone
Who is not as good as you?

Railway station
Train on the eastbound track
Girls without make up
Keeping me coming back
When you’re old you can’t be told
That anywhere is paved with gold

Why wait in for something
That’s not as good as you?

You must take heart
You’re heading for the sky
You don’t have to ask why
Wystan Hugh Auden
John Winston Ono Lennon
Left middle England
Where they suffocate everything
They got away and so could you
What else is there to do?

Why wait in for something
That’s not as good as you?