bang bang bangs.

I don’t know why, but fashion bitches have always turned up their little upturned noses at short fringe, while the rest of us — crafty girls and indie chicks who cut their own hair, west coast retro bettie page wanna-bes, etc — recognized the superiority of the very short bang, especially in summer if you live on the east coast and your face melts off the minute you leave the house. so I found it interesting that, after all those years of the fashion powers that be telling everyone else to grow your bangs/fringe to a long chrissie hynde/jane birkin length, now it appears that the bitches have finally realized how wrong they have been! don’t get me wrong, I like the long fringe, but they have become so ubiquitous it seems like a bad idea to get them. the short and medium ones are just cooler, in every way!