antique beat.

our old chum mr. stephen coates has always been a fairly web-savvy chappie considering his advanced age (oh, I’m kidding), and he’s usually rather debonairely put together. now with his musical concern the real tuesday weld needing to find a trustworthy indie imprint in the united kingdom (no easy task, that), he has gone and launched his own with friends: it is called antique beat, which has recently given a hometown release to tuesday weld’s the london book of the dead, which came out last year in the states. not only can you buy lovely crackly sepia-toned music on compact disc or MP3, you can buy beautifully crafted handbags and men’s fashion accessories often featured on mr. coates himself, such as the lord serpentine brooch by miss zaza, which costs approximately as much as a toxic bottle of pinot noir in any london pub. every man needs such a perfect lapel accoutrement, no?