all hail the wpa poster designers.

maybe it’s because of the recession-depression-scary financial times we’re living in, maybe because it’s wartime, maybe because I just cannot resist the beautiful designs and sensible messages. or maybe it’s because my nephews could learn a thing or two from them (don’t waste food!). but let us hark back to a moment in time when wpa posters were used to drill common sense (or simple messages about how to avoid syphilis!) into people’s heads. a time when the country apparently had good taste. a time when people cared about not killing deer instead of just “culling” them so they don’t cause traffic accidents. a time when people used clotheslines — nowadays it’s a crime against the homeowners association to even imagine putting such an “eyesore” out in your yard, even though it might actually make your sheets smell nice while it saves a ton of energy… the abundance of recent interviews with people in the so-called heartland is scaring me back to the kennedy era — it’s like the civil rights movement never happened. this election has made it clear how we maybe haven’t come as far as we thought when it comes to things like racism and tolerance. I hope this country can unselfishize itself before it’s too late… ps. I early voted this week. felt good but not good enough to make me too optimistic… I know that everyone who reads is voting or has voted, right?