alasdair and naomi.

damon & naomi were scheduled to do an in-store at rough trade east (you know, the one in hipster alley, just off brick lane, london) this sunday october 12 at 7pm, until damon managed to slice off the tip of his left middle finger while cutting an apple. (I did something similar whilst doing old-school editorial paste-up in college and I learned that you should always keep the part of the finger that you cut off, in case the hospital would like to put it back on!) I will let naomi tell you the rest: “a lot of blood and a very long emergency room visit later, he is ok, and should be totally fine eventually, but for now can’t play guitar! alasdair maclean of the clientele is coming to our rescue. he will play guitar with us at our in-store on october 12. and by the way, we will have for sale at the instore a limited-edition CD single of our version of ‘white christmas.’ it was recently recorded for the soundtrack of the forthcoming film lovely, still.”