adrienne, we miss you.

we were very sad to hear about the murder of the actress, director and writer adrienne shelly, who of course starred in all those early hal hartley films (which were also the best hal hartley films). the late 80s / early 90s gulf war era was pretty grim but those films were like a magical elixir. I especially liked her as maria in trust.

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  1. it wasn’t a suicide. turns out a handyman in her building murdered her and tried to make it look like suicide. so sad.

  2. It wasn’t suicide, it was a senseless and cruel murder.

    Why haven’t you altered the story on your site????

    I’ve loved Chickfactor for a long time and a few years back even attended every night of your weekend-long festival at Fez. But I must say I’m very disappointed by such a glaring and long-standing oversight.


  3. Paul – I agree with you. I posted the correction as soon as this went up but I guess Gail is busy?

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