chickfactor #17 (2012, grass widow)



chickfactor #15 (2002, elisabeth solex)

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cf14 front

chickfactor #14 (2001, trish broadcast)

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cf13 front

chickfactor #13 (2000, linton the aislers set)

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cf12 front

chickfactor #12 (1999, janet quasi, sleater-kinney)

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cf11 cover

chickfactor #11 (spring ’98, sarah & isobel belle & sebastian)

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cf10 cover
chickfactor #10 (spring ’97, garden party photo)

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chickfactor #9 (fall/winter ’95, 10 cool chicks)

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cf08 cover

chickfactor #8 (spring ’95, georgia yo la tengo, cibo matto, trish heartworms)

cf07 cover
chickfactor #7 (fall ’94, team dresch)

cf06 cover
chickfactor #6 (spring/summer ’94, fontaine versus, the pastels)

cf05 cover
chickfactor #5 (winter ’93/’94, lois, the spinanes)

cf04 cover
chickfactor #4 (fall ’93, barbara manning, tiger trap)

cf03 cover
chickfactor #3 (spring ’93, liz phair, stereolab)

cf02 cover
chickfactor #2 (winter ’92/’93, bridget unrest, heavenly)

CF01 cover
chickfactor #1 (fall ’92, phoebe small factory)*pilation – various artists (2002, enchanté 005)
all’s fair in love and…chickfactor — the first-ever chickfactor compilation record, featuring liner notes by stevie jackson and 21 of our favorite musical geniuses:
– exclusive tracks from dump, would-be-goods, the pines, flare, stuart moxham, hercules featuring the fan modine, and gilmore tamny
– exclusive-in-the-u.s. tracks from pipas, foxgloves, april march
– exclusive versions of tracks that will appear/have appeared elsewhere: shannon wright, jim ruiz, cannanes with steward
– first time on cd tracks from the magnetic fields and aislers set (both appeared on 7-inches before)
– nonexclusive tracks from the clientele, the pacific ocean, graeme downes, low, true love always, marine research

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the pacific oceanless than the needle, more than the shotgun (2000, enchanté 004)

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the pacific oceanbirds don’t think they’re flying (1997, enchanté 003)

containeonly cowards walk like cowards (1996, enchanté 002)

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containei want it all (1994, enchanté 001)

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