library pop.

I just saw camera obscura in portland, oregon, and I wish I’d gone backstage before the show to pop open the champagne and tickle them all silly. they sounded just dandy, but man, they all looked as if their pets had just passed away. bored. joyless. going thru the motions. really just not into it. too bad, they’re so close to being so good. but you gotta give us more than that! (the photo above indicates they are going for a very serious, melancholy image, but a little energy can go a long way onstage…) meanwhile, this article from the stranger looks at librarians in pop. name some more songs about libraries, librarians and so on (leave B&S and TMFs out of it)?

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  1. same here in seattle: sounded great, boring as hell. they seemed to be in much better spirits when they were touring for let's get out of this country.

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