dear vashti.

oh vashti, how I wish you would play a show in london without that little fella adem. he was there last year at the barbican, faffing around onstage while you did your delicately gorgeous thing. he was there at conway hall last summer. I understand that he has been a supportive pal during these days of your career revival, but every time you play with him he really starts to believe that he belongs on the stage with you, that people might have actually come to see him when in fact they are just enduring him until you get on the stage. during the show at the roundhouse in london, for example, he did his thing which makes no sense to me (can anyone explain it? can someone please explain to me why this domeheaded buffoon is on domino? why is he doing an in-store at other music?). he preciously cradles his toy instruments (and believe me, I have nothing against toy instruments); he sings in his over-the-top robbie williams-impersonating-bono style; he performs his own songs that are as dull as dishwater; he makes sentimental comments that hurt the ear; the music behind him might sound lovely but at the very core he and his songs are mediocre at best, unbearable at worst, but mostly I just want him to develop some self-awareness, to go away and leave you, vashti, so you could take to the stage without him there distracting the audience. these other allegedly folkie folk (juana molina, vetiver) at the roundhouse in january for this ‘nought degrees of separation’ event were neither as distracting nor as heinous as the little adem, but they don’t deserve to be your band either. please, vashti, consider playing on your own, with your own adorable guitarist, you don’t need this community behind you (if you do, have them over for dinner). sincerely, chickfactor