strange powers, the movie.

hey chickfactor readers, you can watch the trailer here of the magnetic fields doc: the official site is pretty bare-bones right now but we have more stuff that will be added in march. the official premiere will be announced on thursday!

bt express.

all of chickfactor’s founders have worked at the washington city paper and at least half (three quarters?) of black tambourine has worked there. here’s a new article in washington city paper about black tambourine. too bad they didn’t get coverage from the washington city paper back in the day — oh wait, they did! yay BT! please reunite asap! (even when they did play live way back when, the vocals were pretty much drowned out, at least when I saw them… but they were still grrrreat!

dedicated followers of…

1. I haven’t blogged about fashion in a while (let’s face it, I haven’t blogged in a while), so here you go. first the chickfactor award for the best personal style goes to jenny from wikstenmade, whose awesome designs reflect classic simplicity, french pop, american cozy, and just plain cool style. we were happy to see her posting about one of our never-ending sensible fashion choices, the dufflecoat. remember the band the dufflecoats? whatever happened to them?
2. we also adore the spirit of these (mostly 80s-obsessed) kids photographed on this helsinki street fashion site (thanks jill bliss)
3. and the smart vintage meets modern style of emily martin from the black apple‘s some girls wander. we want to steal some of those t-strap shoes!
4. another fabulous style icon and actress and multi-tasking chick is tilda swinton, who has such powerful personal style (like, say, bjork) that she terrifies the herd-following fashion establishment to no end (they don’t understand so they just put her on the “don’t” pages over and over). the lady swinton, who we adore for looking like the thin white duke, is working for pringle now and has made a film with ryan mcginley that you can watch here.
5. according to the london times, big gals are in, but in the same article they have the audacity to slam beth ditto, whose confidence they no doubt find threatening. has anyone seen this magazine V btw? please comment below, I’d love to hear about it.
6. lastly, spring fashion is coming and you know what that means. nautical is always in! and silly british vogue reports we should also be working pastels, safari, white (yawn), prints, trench coats (what a surprise), underwear as outerwear, double denim (sounds like a double don’t) and, as always, outrageously uncomfortable shoes. don’t worry, someday you can sell them on ebay when you can no longer walk and pay for your foot surgery.
7. grazia ticks off some of the more terrifying trends — that’s right, the fashion police would like you to step out in lime-green high-heeled clogs and extreme harem pants. oh, yikes.

london pop.

It’s rarer than rare that the pines play, so anyone who has a chance should head over to the london popfest 2010, where you can also hear rose melberg and a lot of other pop groups, including one with the very silly name “humousexual.” and the hangover lounge DJs too!

french pop.

some show promoter in paris took liberties with my would-be-goods photos — looks nice! wish I could be there. those of you who can go should go!

the documentary is ready.

I never thought I would write a post and say, yes, the magnetic fields documentary is done and people are going to start seeing it now, but here it is. as some of you saw on pitchfork, the first sneak preview will happen on feb 28 at a san francisco film society event. there will probably be an official premiere at a festival this spring and we’re hoping it gets seen at a bunch of them (I’m crossing my fingers for london film festival in october!). I’ll be posting when the website is up! most of you know there is a new TMFs album out this week, realism, which you can hear on myspace. yay, full details TK.
photograph: gail o’hara