our noise. merge book.

the new book our noise: the story of merge records will be available in july at xx merge fest in carrboro, NC, but officially will be published sept 15, 2009 on algonquin books. written by john cook (who has written for gawker, radar and the chicago tribune), it is a collaboration with awesome merge heads mac mccaughan and laura ballance, who tell the superchunk story along with merge’s. three gail o’hara photos of the magnetic fields are due to appear in it as well, along with lots of other fun stuff (there is a pencil sketch of the get lost cover, so I am kind of in the book), along with a number of photos of venue marquees on which the magnetic fields’ name is misspelled (usually the magnetic feilds). that seems to happen a lot — maybe just to annoy the meticulous mr. merritt! anyway, more on this book once we’ve read it…

M+E on toast.

if you’ve been to a the magnetic fields concert in recent times and have perused the merch stand, chances are you know emma and mike, the pair behind graphic design site M+E. they are kind of adorable and cool enough to have stephin merritt himself sing “walking my gargoyle” at their wedding! (you’re right, he doesn’t do many weddings!) anyway, we think their poster set called three square meals + dessert is an excellent deal and easy on the eyes. get one!

go chrissie.

chrissie hynde and the pretenders have always been tops in my book. I knew she was a vegan avenger but had no idea she’d opened a vegan restaurant in akron, ohio. anyone been there? rather curious to hear this new album too. she’s just never cheesed out (pun intended). she’s just cool.

C30 C60 C90 go go gone?

I don’t know about you but I no longer own a cassette player or a lot of the cassettes I used to have and I miss them! I am/was a pack rat but some of them never made it out of nyc when I left. what about you guys? does anyone still use cassette tapes as a format? I do miss getting mix tapes from people. mix CDs are just never quite the same. I do still buy them to do interviews with, and they can be hard to find.

mascott shows.

mascott is taking their gentle folk-pop to the uk next month for some dates. their new album comes out on reveal records, same label as joan as police woman (huge in the uk) and nina cardigans’ band so who knows maybe hugeness is on the horizon. kendall certainly has the voice for it! photo by gail o’hara natch.

the cinema.

here at chickfactor we are devoted (as you guys well know) to the guardian newspaper and the bbc website. sure, we check in with the new york times and the washington post for old time’s sake; the times of london on sunday; and even the l.a. times when we need an update on the phil spector trial or something. but when it comes to film coverage, we like and trust our man sukhdev sandhu at the telegraph, here’s a link to what he liked and what he didn’t (sad news if terry gilliam and michel gondry are on that list) and here is some general cannes coverage. our old friend mark jenkins of washington city paper and washington post fame has an excellent film magazine as well called reel dc; he’s reviewing films for npr these days as well.