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chatting with tufthunter leader peter momtchiloff

you guys know guitar player and indie legend peter momtchiloff (we call him “momtch”) from his former bands talulah gosh, heavenly, marine research (and many others) and his current bands the would-be-goods, les clochards, etc. for his new project, deep hits by tufthunter, he has assembled a cast of musicians and assigned songs to a bunch of singers. the album is available for […]

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bill callahan: the chickfactor interview

bill callahan we are thrilled to have an interview with the phenomenal american singer songwriter… (originally appeared on paper in chickfactor 17, which came out in december 2012) interview by connie lovatt and gail o’hara // photograph by kirstie shanley chickfactor: what’s some of the best advice you’ve been given by a man about being a man? bill callahan: I don’t […]

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CF22 and Hangover Lounge Second London Event

We are teaming up with our pals at The Hangover Lounge to have a lovely laid-back Sunday afternoon event with some quiet music upstairs and some gentle DJ action downstairs. july 13 at the lexington! upstairs: the catenary wires & the just joans downstairs: DJ bob stanley & chickfactor DJs & hangover lounge DJs the catenary wires are amelia and rob […]

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RIP, Irving Berlin Merritt 1999–2013

Songwriter’s best friend: a portrait of the smallest and quietest (well, perhaps not as quiet as Sam and John) member of the Magnetic Fields Irving Berlin Merritt was a wee six-month-old pup back in 1999 when the Magnetic Fields’ epic triple album 69 Love Songs was released and when we started filming. In those days songwriter Stephin Merritt would carry […]

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paul kelly films book & poster!

Beautiful collection of writing about Paul Kelly’s films and poster available for you collector nerds! Edited by S.S. Sandhu, Nothing’s Too Good For The Common People: The Films of Paul Kelly is a very limited-edition Risograph book – published by Texte und Töne in collaboration with the Colloquium for Unpopular Culture – to mark the first ever retrospective of Kelly’s work, […]

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