girls rock! uk holds its first ladies rock! weekend.

girls rock! uk is holding its first ladies rock! weekend on 17-19 august 2007 at the lambeth women’s project, london. women aged 18 and over will learn instruments, form bands, write songs and play a gig in a real rock venue – in just 72 hours! the first girls rock! uk weekend for girls and young women aged 8-18 will be held at the same venue in summer 2008. ladies rock! weekend will offer lessons in drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals and not be limited to rock’n’roll. self-defence classes and workshops will be included in the program. no prior musical experience is required and all equipment will be provided. registration for attendees is now open, see here for details. places will cost £50 and a limited number of places are available free of charge for those unable to pay the fee. the deadline for applications is 20 july. volunteers are also welcome. the weekend is run by women for women and is trans-inclusive. girls rock! uk is a non-profit organisation that encourages, engages and showcases the musical, artistic and individual talents of girls and young women aged 8-18. girls rock! uk provides girls and young women with the opportunity to become self-reliant, confident, creative women who know that their voices have a right to be heard, regardless of their age, class, size, abilities, sexuality, gender identification, religion, ethnicity, race or experience. girls rock! uk is a member of the international rock’n’roll camp for girls alliance. for more information click here. for more information about girls rock! uk including attending or volunteering or to arrange an interview please contact rebecca kemp on 07799 397727 or
new website is up!

spitz = spatz.

the spitz is one of those london institutions that you cannot avoid. the venue itself is hotter than hades, even in the dead of winter, and no civilised person should be forced to watch music in such conditions. and yet, there I have been a zillion times, watching many bands, over and over, or more likely sitting in the outdoor café avoiding the upstairs heat or the lame opening act. the food is prohibitively expensive and mediocre. there is always one bartender with whom no one can make eye contact because there are 30 people waiting to get his attention. still, I have had an odd fondness for the silly place because of its location in my old neighbourhood of spitalfields in the old spitalfields market, which is slowly and sadly melting away, so that new chain stores can be opened up in a vast shopping centre for yuppie city workers who probably commute in every day from tunbridge wells. anyway, the spitz is dying, or at the very least relocating (from the looks of it, being paid off to relocate) so you might want to go there one last time and sweat your head off while watching a band this summer.

coming up: rose!

chickfactor was all about the speedy-jangly girlpop (heavenly! shop assistants! salem 66! etc!) when we started, but who knew the world was going to keep getting more girlpop supergroups? tiger trap were chickfactor cover girls on issue number four and the acest of the ace, no doubt about it. they had as many inter-band dramas as fleetwood mac, and could not remain together forever, but then we got the softies and go sailor and some other quality sounds out of the whole deal. so. anyway. we are super-duper-chuffed to bits to be informed of this fine london pop show happening in august at the pro-quiet show luminaire venue:
rose melberg (ex-tiger trap frontperson extraordinaire)
harvey williams! (come out of retirement for the second time this year!)
and the dreamers (action biker/mr wright collaboration)
get tickets here and I am sure we will see you there.

sorry, the photo of the week hasn’t been updated in a long time. this is because I rely on someone else to do it, but plans are underway for the photo site to be blogged up so the inertia will come to an end at last!

suicide dude.

alan vega is playing at camden’s roundhouse in london for free this saturday 16 june. doors 8pm.